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Consignment Sales

Utilize our clean, heated, and crane operated facility to sell your surplus machinery.  Our 25,000 square foot showcase warehouse is equipped with a 40-ton capacity crane located 30 minutes north Detroit Metro Airport.  This highly trafficked facility is easily accessible and readily open to prospective buyers. 

PFI guarantees maximum machinery visibility through annual attendance in multiple trade shows around the world in addition to owning a personal mailing list of over 45,000 equipment companies.  Our persistent marketing efforts combined with our accessibility and global reputation ensures the most return for your asset value.

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220 TON KOMATSU GAP FRAME PRESS, MODEL OBS200-3, 9.84" STR, 9.84" DIE HGT, 4.72" ADJ, 57" X 35" BED, 33.46" X 25.59" SLIDE, 25-50 SPM VARI, 1990, CUSHION

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250 TON VERSON SSDC PRESS, S4-250-108-54, 8" STR, 30" SH, 8" ADJ, 108" LR X 54" FB BA, 48" X 43" WDO, 20-60 SPM VARI, 1973

Stock #: 6888

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