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PFI extends the MDNA 30 Day Return Privilege.  Within 30 days from shipment, any machinery or equipment sold with return privilege and prepaid freight will be refunded the purchase price if proven mechanically unsatisfactory or repair at the dealer’s option. 

Certain terms and conditions apply.  Ask your sales representative if you are qualified for the MDNA 30 Day Return Privilege.

Terms & Conditions of Sale

1600 Ton, DANLY, (5 PRESSES), 1-1600 TON, 1-1000TON, 3-600TON, 108" BED

Stock #: 5165

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70 Ton, ARDCOR, MODEL 4P-70, 0-3"STR, 0-12"SH, 64"X32"BA, 60SPM, EXCELLENT!

Stock #: 4554

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